How to use sport predictions and earn money on the long run?

About BetFtw

Bet For The Win is unique software designed to be your fully automated betting assistant for over 500 sport competitions. It started as a small project that was initially launched in 2016 for football and basketball predictions but it continued to grow from day one and new upgrades were added ever since; Most recent upgrade came in summer of 2021 with complete overhaul of look & feel and improved prediction algorithm.

Our algorithm predicts outcomes of various sport events by analysing historical data including form, previous matches, expected goals etc. At the same time we collect real time odds from many different bookmakers. Combining predictions and best available odds we are able to calculate precise stakes and reach the ultimate goal of long-term profitability.

We provide up to date odds

We are doing our best to provide you with up to date odds. To ensure this we are collecting odds once an hour and pick absolutely the best odds for every event. Odds obviously change over time and this sometimes means that the best odds are not available anymore.

For events that are yet to be played we are showing the best currently available odds and stakes so that you can use real time information to your advantage.

However, for finished or already started events we will show absolutely the best odds that we managed to find.

Stake calculation

Stake or wager is, by definition, money you are willing to risk for possible monetary gain. We are representing stakes on [1-100] scale. Usual scale for stake is [1-10] but we decided to use 10x more precise numbers because we are relying on precisely calculated values. Higher stake means that the chance of an event occurring is higher than what the bookmaker odds say - in other words higher stake means more valuable bet.

Betting stakes are color coded:

20Low stakes [1-25]

40Medium stakes [25-50]

75High stakes [50-100]

In case you notice unrealistic stakes or predictions please reach out and contact us.

How to beat the bookies

Our goal is to have a consistent edge and beat the bookies by ensuring we have positive yield (profit) in the long run. If you wish to maximise your profits like us we suggest you place single bets - one bet for every betting tip.

We believe in this project and that is why we measure success by keeping track of all betting tips. In order to ensure full transparency we show statistics of short-term and long-term profitability for all sports and competitions.

Time zone

All times shown on the website are local Europe/London (BST) time.


If you wish to contact us you can do that via email office[at] or Facebook.